Your app for a life without plastic or waste

What is Go Zero Waste App?

The application that accompanies you on your way
towards a life without plastic or waste.duos.

Change your consumption habits
Thanks to simple daily challenges, you will see that it is possible to live differently.
Find alternatives near you
Locate stores that allow you to consume differently in your neighborhood.
Learn and share, we do it together
Join your local zero waste community and add forces for change.

Why Go Zero Waste App?

Concerned about the amount of plastic we consume and the waste we generate, we begin our transition to a zero waste life.

Now we want to create a tool that allows more people to join easily and simply to this lifestyle more conscious with our consumption.

You dare?

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What can you do?

The app will help you consume less and better, both when buying and in your daily habits:

Create your shopping list

Select the products you need

Create your custom route

We show you the fastest route to save time

Discover zero waste products

Know the alternatives to live without accumulating garbage

Home delivery

If you do not have time, we'll bring you home or work

Find it near you

n your neighborhood. Connect with your local commerce

Green stats

Calculate waste not generated, measure your progress

How does it work?

Very soon, the change to a zero waste life at your fingertips, for Android and iOs systems.

Find zero waste alternatives to each product and service you need.

Contribute to the change in the consumption system from your neighborhood.

Do you add to life Zero Waste?

Living in a different way is possible and is a matter of habits,
Can you help us make it possible?ible?

About us

We develop this non-profit project, it is our bit to improve the planet!

Marti Morato
Project Manager
Magda Cebrián
Oriol Segarra
Consultant Manager
Urbez Capablo


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