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Go Zero Waste App offers technological and environmental education solutions to enable Zero Waste living

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#1 Solution: What can I find nearby?

🔍 Find alternatives

Use the map to find local products and services to help you navigate the first steps of your Zero Waste journey with discounts and good practices

#2 Solution: Where can I start?

💡 Take action

Make small steps and learn through our challenges while you reduce waste and promote local consuption

#3 Solution: How do we keep convenience while we reduce waste?

♻️ Reuse

With our IOT Paasiot dispenser you will be able to borrow bags and containers and return them anytime. Suitable for:

🤝 Collaborate

Add establishments that carry out good Zero Waste practices or suggest new functionalities

✋ Connect and share

Beyond the app, connect with us through
social networks and join the debate

📲 Custom solutions

Cocreating projects to achieve a systemic change

Town councils - Municipalitiies

🗞 Media appearance

Ass seen in

We walk together

Collective & collaborative change thanks to alliances with people and organizations.

Find your way to Zero Waste here:

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When you want to contribute to improve the world. This App is the easiest way to start

Javier Carrasco App Store

I am starting with the whole zero waste issue and this app is helping me. Keep investigating 🙂

carles_85-00 App Store

It works fast and easy, without complications making its daily use useful! Essential to get started in the zero waste movement and to improve with the challenges we are already in it! Recommended 100%

Monica Mon App Store

Good approach and operation, waiting for it to scale both nationally and internationally!

Good approach and operation, waiting for it to scale both nationally and internationally! Google Play

Very useful! I can now buy everything I need and without plastic optimizing time!

Júdit Pi Aloy Google Play

From the start, Pages places you in the perfect creative environment. It puts all the right tools in all the right places, so it’s easy to choose a look, customize fonts, personalize text styles.

Ricard Ferrer Google Play