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With Go Zero Waste app, find plastic-free and low-waste products and services near you all while learning tips and tricks for a waste-free life.

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🔍 Find

Use the map to find businesses and services near you that promote Zero Waste

💡 Learn

Discover challenges and tricks to learn at your own pace and according to your needs

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🤝 Collaborate

Add or suggest businesses on the map to help us grow your local Zero Waste community

Connect and share

Beyond the app, connect with us through social networks and join the conversation

Because the best waste is the one that is not generated

Go Zero Waste accompanies you to Zero Waste


“Simple and effective.
A very useful app to discover
places and get inspired “



“I’m starting with the whole zero waste issue and this app is helping me. I’ll keep investigating” 🙂



“The perfect tool to find plastic-free products and reduce waste”


Your Zero Waste journey begins here

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