Cartel Final Crowdfunding Go Zero Waste - Ulule

182 thank you goal achieved in Ulule!

We did it! And all thanks to you.

When we launched the microfinance campaign on December 10, 2018, we began with a mixture of enthusiasm and doubts. But the first always exceeds the second, this is how everything goes ahead.

50 days later, and thanks to all the contributions received, we achieved the goal: to raise the 10,000 euros we need to pay for the development of the first version of the app.

What are we going to do with this money?

As we explained, we want to launch an application that helps reduce and live without less plastic and waste.

In total we have collected ÔéČ 11,565, 15% more than the 10,000 that we set as our target.

To this amount we must subtract the commission of 8% of Ulule and the value of the rewards that we are going to Distribute the next few weeks. We require you many pacience ­čÖé

The remaining amount will be entirely dedicated to paying professionals who will develop the first version of the app. Once this first propotype is created, we will test it to validate it.

Our goal is that in a few months the first version of the app will be available for free to the public.

We have traveled the first stretch of a long road that excites us and all the support received encourages us even further.

THANK YOU once again to everyone for making it possible, we will continue to inform!

You can find us at Instagram , Facebook and Twitter .

Greetings from the whole team,

Mart├ş, Magda, Oriol y ├Ürbez