apps to live without waste

Apps to live without waste

Our mobile phones have become an essential tool for the transformation of consumption as they are the gateway to information and technology that facilitate our day to day. This time we talk about apps to live without waste.


On Wednesday November 20, 2019 at 6:30 p.m., the Go Zero Waste App team will participate in a talk about apps and initiatives that make responsible consumption and Zero Waste easier.


The meeting is held within the framework of the Semana Europea de Prevención de Residuos 2019 (EWWR),, with hundreds of organized activities throughout Europe. This year, the main message is Change your ways, reduce your waste. “You can check the activity map at this link.


Apps for a life without waste


The reduction of waste is achieved through a set of actions ranging from the prevention of food waste to the best recycling or bulk purchase. To do this, during this talk we will participate in two projects:

Go Zero Waste App: buy without plastic in your neighborhood


Go Zero Waste App is an application that allows you to locate bulk stores and plastic-free products near you. It also helps you develop sustainable habits that will affect your waste generation, such as always carrying a reusable water bottle on you.

If you dare to start your journey to Zero Waste, this app can help you.

Download it free here for your mobile here:


Too Good To Go: save food and save


Too Good To Go It is a mobile application that allows you to buy leftover food from stores at a better price before it spoils. In this way, it helps merchants reduce food waste and consumers buy food in perfect condition at a better price.


Lendi: share and borrow in your neighborhood


Lendi, is an app born in Barcelona that allows you to borrow objects from neighbors. In this way, not only does it contribute to the collaborative economy by substituting the purchase for the punctual use when we need something, but it also promotes human relations between neighbors and people from the same neighborhood or community.


Useful information for attendees

  • Activity: talk “Apps for a life without waste”
  • Date: Thursday, November 20, 2019
  • Time: 18:30
  • Place: Barcelona Municipal Consumer Service Office (Ronda Sant Pau, 43-45)
  • Price: free entry


Other initiatives for better consumption


Beyond waste reduction, we want to share other initiatives that contribute to the transformation of the consumption model, making better use of resources and promoting the collaborative economy. Some of them at the moment are only in the area of ​​Barcelona or Catalonia (Spain) but we hope that they become extensible or have similar projects in other regions.


If you know of any, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Pam a pam, the map of Solidarity Economy of Catalonia.
  • Mensakas, a cooperative of home delivery people that seeks to be a fairer alternative for workers.
  • SomMobilitat, a cooperative that promotes the shared use of electric vehicles.
  • BCNVegfriendly, an application to locate vegan initiatives in Barcelona.
  • Ethical Time, an app / web to buy sustainable fashion.
  • Mapa Barcelona + Sostenible, a map that brings together all kinds of sustainable initiatives in the city of Barcelona.

Technology at the service of better consumption


Some of the mentioned projects are already available to download or consult, others are in the development process.

What all have in common thanks to technology facilitate more responsible consumption and the connection between people interested in consuming in a more conscious way, whether from the food, mobility or textile sector.


And you, do you use any app that allows you to consume in another way? Leave us a comment 🙂