Good practices

Good practices

Who can appear on the Map?
Sell in bulk

Bulk sale

Are more than 75% of the products you sell or are offered in your business in bulk or by weight?

Bring your packaging

Do you accept that customers bring their containers from home (tuppers, bags, ... cups) to store the products they buy in your business?

Discount for packaging

Do you apply a discount to customers when they bring their packaging from home to buy from your business?

Not single use

Do you offer inedible products that avoid single use and promote reuse?

Second life

Are you a clothing and accessories store where more than 75% of the products are second-hand, upcycling (clothes made with recycled products) or do you fix clothes, footwear, accessories?

No monodosis

No single dose

Have you eliminated the use of single-dose products in your establishment? (coffee, sugar, oil, sauces ... samples, soaps, cutlery, plates, glasses ...)

KM0 water

Do you offer tap or filtered water in your establishment?

No to food waste

Do you promote and facilitate that customers take the leftover food or do you collaborate with an organization that fights to avoid or prevent food waste?


Do you offer a consignment / reuse service for containers, tuppers or glasses for your customers?

Can't find your good practice?

Explain the good practice you do to walk towards Zero Waste and we will add it!

How do we validate?

We trust the good faith of the companies that appear on our map. In addition, the community can notify us that a good practice is not true through the App.

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I know or am the owner of a business that promotes zero waste and I do at least one of the good practices

I want to get advice

If you want to do a good practice but do not know how to start, get in touch with us and we will help you in everything we can so that your business moves towards Zero Waste