At Go Zero Waste we believe that the change towards a world without waste is based on the following pillars:

  1. Collaboration. Collective and collaborative change thanks to alliances with people and organizations
  2. Shared and proportional responsibility of all actors in society
  3. Priority of prevention and the principles of the Circular Economy
  4. Scientific rigor to make decisions based on data and evidence
  5. Education and outreach to empower all people through knowledge and action
  6. Technology and ecodesign at the service of people with the planet at the center (Earth-centered design)
  7. Positive impact and purpose over profit
  8. Search for Triple Sustainability: social, environmental and economic
  9. Glocal vision (global+local): working from the communities for a systemic change
    Positive attitude and constructive criticism to promote good practices in all areas

We seek to create alliances with people, groups, brands, companies and public administrations
to promote a paradigm shift and move forward together towards a life without waste

from waste ...

to resource

Does this manifesto resonate with your mission?

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