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We are many who grew up with the idea that by recycling we were responsible citizens with the planet. This calmed our eco-consciousness and made us feel better. But the truth is that recycling is the last of the three famous “R” . Before this they go first Reduce and then Reuse. Welcome to Waste Zero.

And if recycling is not necessary?

Recycling is the minimum and should really not be necessary, because in an idyllic well-designed production system, everything is used and reused, so there should be no waste to recycle.

Recycling is no longer enough. The real change comes from modifying consumption habits and buying better without generating waste.
Welcome to life Zero Waste

This is what the ideas behind the Circular Economy or the philosophy of “ Cradle to Cradle “(from cradle to cradle). They propose a revolutionary and root change of the whole system of design and production.

Can you imagine that suddenly all products that do not comply with this idea disappear? We would be left with very little because we are surrounded by things that end up being waste at the end of its useful life.

So, why recycle?

With all this we are not saying that it should not be recycled . More than one will take our words in the wrong direction and embrace the excuse to stop separating, something that gives many laziness.

No, what we propose is that with certain changes in your life, you will recycle the minimum because by not generating waste, there will be nothing to throw in the famous colored containers.

Utopian? Not that much.

What can you do to stop recycling (so much)


  • Create habits . If you do not leave home without your mobile you can also carry a simple cloth bag. This way you will avoid paying plastic bags.

  • Plan . If you buy once a week, it will be easier for you to remember to bring tuppers and reusable containers for your purchases. Less bags, less containers!

  • Reject! Start saying no. Not that the sardines are wrapped in the fish market with 4 papers and 2 bags. Not to buy those avocados packed in plastic when they come in their own skin …

  • No stress, little by little . Do not want to change everything at once. This living without generating waste is a process, like everything in life. It is not difficult, but like every habit it takes time. Enjoy the process.

An app to make it easier for you

We are also traveling this path.

They say that if you discover that something useful does not exist it is an opportunity to create it and that is what we propose when creating Go Zero Waste App .

Technology and smartphones are a great opportunity to put information and tools in the palm of your hand and connect with people who are in your same situation.

To make this possible, we have a a micro-patronage campaign to raise the money that will allow us to make a first version of the application. Can you help us?

A journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step
Lao Tse

Magda Cebrián

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