dia internacional sin pajita gracias

No straw, thanks. February 3, International Day without Straw

Today February 3 is the International Day without Straw (plastic). It seems ridiculous to devote one day to such an object, right?

The truth is that straws are one of the products that most pollute the seas and oceans of the world and at the same time, one of the most unnecessary.

Therefore, it is worth spending one day a year to talk about the enormous impact of this disposable tube on the planet.

Spain is the country in Europe that uses the most straws: 13 million every day on average.

Plastic disposable drinking straws

Greenpeace launched a campaign last August 2018 where he highlighted the following figures:

  • Straws are used for a few minutes and it takes 500 years to decompose
  • They are the fifth most common type of garbage on the beaches
  • Spain is the country in Europe that uses the most straws: 13 million every day on average
  • Thousands of birds and marine mammals die each year due to plastic pollution of seas and oceans

The big question: are they necessary?

In the past, straws may have been used to prevent infection due to poor hygiene.

But as campaigns like “Better without a straw” defend, hygiene standards and controls in the catering sector today do not make it necessary.

What is the difference for you between drinking with or without a straw?

Alternatives to disposable plastic straws

Two basic alternatives are proposed:

  1. Stop using them and refuse their use when you order drinks in bars and restaurants
  2. If you really need it, use alternatives such as: – Paper
    – Stainless steel
    – Bamboo
    – Crystal
    – Pasta and other groceries (as in the case of the company Sorbos )

Awareness campaigns

Although the impact of single-use plastics goes much further, the specific case of straws focuses several campaigns locally and globally.

Apart from the Greenpeace campaign that we mentioned above, we also highlight:

The Final Straw

In English, saying “the final Straw” is like in Spanish “the drop that fills the glass.” The figurative sense is used to give double meaning to the expression (Straw means straw in English).

Better without a straw (Millor sense canyeta)

An initiative born in Colombia that has its local replica in Barcelona ( Millor sense canyeta ), where we are the Go team Zero Waste App, there is the campaign.

This initiative invites bars and restaurants to join the campaign by committing not to serve drinks with straws or offering non-plastic options.

A big step: ban in the European Union in 2021

On October 24, 2018, the European Parliament approved the ban on disposable plastic straws by 2021 .

Along with the straws, the commercialization of other single-use plastics such as bags, cutlery, glasses, sticks and bottles will also be prohibited.

The European Commission pointed out in June 2018 that 43% of marine litter consists exclusively of 10 types of single-use plastic objects, mainly those mentioned.

The turtle as a symbol

According to the same Greenpeace data, it is estimated that between 40 and 60% of sea turtles in Europe eat plastic and that thousands of birds and marine mammals die each year due to plastic pollution.

The network is full of images and videos of turtles confusing jellyfish with plastic bags and animals injured by the presence of plastic in seas and oceans. Maybe this is one of the ones that hurts the most …

<h2> Activate your power as a consumer: reject </h2>
Beyond the ban in Europe in 2021, the rest of the world and especially large tourist poles such as Bali, Ribera Maya, Cuba, Thailand or the Philippines, are left out of European legislation.
<h2> <img class = “size-medium wp-image-5185 aligncenter” src = “https://gozerowaste.app/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/its-only-one-straw-said-8 -bilion-people-300×293.jpg “alt =” “width =” 300 “height =” 293 “/> </h2>
Therefore, the greatest individual gesture is to apply the “R” to reject and join efforts so that especially the catering sector ceases to use without measure an object as simple as harmful and unnecessary.
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