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Special advantages for business aiming to Zero Waste.

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Get more clients

Offer optional discounts of 3%, 5% or 10% to customers who know you from the app so that they can apply them on their first purchase or permanently.

Stand out from your good practices

Value your business's commitment to Zero Waste by adding all the good practice stamps that you apply:

More pictures of your business

Add up to 5 extra pictures of your business so that users can have a better idea of your space and the products you offer before the visit you.

Verified business

Your business will appear with the verification badge to indicate that Go Zero Waste has verified the products or services you offer so that we can offer greater confidence to users.

Your products in detail

Add the products you offer to your profile quickly and easily so that customers looking for that product find you. The free version allows general categories such as "hygiene" or "food" while the plus plan allows you to put your products in detail such as "fabric softener" or "almonds".

Promote your business

We will publish an interview about your business on our social networks and in the monthly newsletter with a reach of more than 10,000 people.

Shall we walk together towards Zero Waste?

At Go Zero Waste we constantly develop new features so that businesses like yours reach more people. This is a collaborative project and we are counting on your opinion to improve together.

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There is more...

7% for the Planet

At Go Zero Waste we promote the reduction and prevention of waste and we want to support entities around the world that carry out activities to eliminate waste in seas, beaches, forests and rivers. For this reason we will donate 7% of all income to collaborating entities.

Plus Plan

7 per month
  • Get more clients
  • Promote your good practices
  • More pictures of your business
  • Verified business
  • Your products in detail
  • Advice and training on communication
  • Promotion on Social Media
  • Discounts with potential providers
  • Decide new features
VAT included

Plus Plan

70 per year
  • Get more clients
  • Promote your good practices
  • More pictures of your business
  • Verified business
  • Your products in detail
  • Advice and training on communication
  • Promotion on Social Media
  • Discounts with potential providers
  • Decide new features
  • Save two months!
VAT included

Frequently asked questions

No, adding your business to our map is free and always will be.

What we present to you here is a PLUS plan with special advantages to help you attract more customers.

To add your business to the Go Zero Waster app map for free, fill out this form.

In the free version, it appears:

  • The information that you have previously entered in Google Maps (address, hours, telephone, web)
  • The generic list of products or services that you offer that you indicate to us when you register.

In the Plus version you can add:

  • A more detailed list of the products you offer
  • Discounts and personalized offers for your clients
  • Distinctive stamps of the good practices that you carry out
  • Verified Business Badge

No, there is no type of permanence.

You can unsubscribe at any time and you will be able to enjoy the PLUS plan for as long as you have contracted it (monthly or yearly).

No, we accept a broader range of businesses or services that contribute to Zero Waste. See the next question for more details.

We accept the following list of businesses and services on the map:

  • Food (markets, or stores where most products are sold in bulk and not packaged)
  • Beverages (wineries, breweries, dairies and other places where it is sold in bulk or reusable format)
  • Cleaning and hygiene (personal hygiene, cosmetic, cleaning products and detergents in solid or bulk format)
  • Home (furniture and second-hand objects, upcyling and various Zero Waste products for the home etc.)
  • Clothing (second-hand or upcycled clothing and accessories)
  • Services (repair, reuse, recycling, Green Points)
  • Restaurants and more (restaurants, bars, cafes, catering and take away that promote Zero Waste)
  • Accommodation (hotels, hostels, campsites, rural houses that promote Zero Waste)

Very easy. To be able to do this, your business must be previously registered in Google My Business (it has to appear in Google maps) since that is the information that the app will show in its free version.

If your business is already registered in Google MyBusiness, you just have to fill out this simple registration form (click here to access).

For any questions or queries, do not hesitate to contact us by mail ( or by phone (+34 635 42 51 28).

Yes, the given price includes VAT.

At the moment the map does not show online stores but if you are the owner of one we ask you to register anyway so that we can notify you as soon as possible. Please do not hesitate to fill in the registration form and select the option “online store” to add it to our web section of online resources.

We know that in the Zero Waste world online stores do a very important job, reaching places where there are no physical stores and providing products that are more difficult to find.

Therefore, we are building a database of online stores to notify you and add you when possible.

Sure, Go Zero Waste app is currently available worldwide and business from around the world can be added and appear on it.

Remember that the only pre-requisite is to have an account on Google My Business.

No, it may take a few days since we must first review the data and verify that your business meets the criteria of the app.

If after three working days your business does not appear in the app, you can contact us at

Send us an email at a 🙂 or access our backoffice with your user account.

We use Stripe as a payment platform. Please follow the link.

We want to help you go further. You have doubts?
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