From Go Zero Waste we offer talks and workshops on Zero Waste to companies that want to offer their employees a new vision about consumption and our impact on the planet. We offer different workshops:

Conferencia Economía Circular Barcelona

#1 Zero Waste Talk: Introduction to Zero Waste Society



  • Content : Full introductory talk about what Zero Waste is. We will talk about the current consumption model, its challenges and alternatives. How can we live sustainably beyond recycling? What solutions can we apply today as businesses and citizens?
  • 🧩 Format: Talk
  • Duration: 1h
  • 👍 Recommended for: Lunch breaks, after-work meetups

Price: 150€


#2 Lifestyle Workshop



  • Content : 45-minute Zero Waste talk followed by a workshop to be done in groups on how to transform your day to day life without generating waste in a society accustomed to immediacy. We will demystify data on recycling, the consumption model, fast fashion fashion, climate change and more.
  • 🧩 Format: Talk + Group Workshop
  • Duration: 2.5h
  • 👍 Recommended for: Days dedicated to Sustainability, Learning Days, retreats, Teambuildings.

Price: 400€


#3 Taller Zero Waste Office Workshop



  • Content : This workshop will allow your employees to co-create a workspace that they would like to have from the point of view of Zero Waste and Sustainability by applying the techniques of Design Thinking . They will start working in different groups to visualize all the waste that is created in the office and then go on to create joint solutions and assign specific tasks, budget and time periods for their execution.
  • 🧩 Formato: Talk + Grou Workshop Design Thinking
  • Duration: 4h
  • 👍 Recommended for: Working Groups on Sustainability, Retreats, Innovation Groups, Bonding Days and Team Buildings.

Price 800€




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