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The Ametller Group supports the crowdfunding of Go Zero Waste App

Today we want to share that the Go Zero Waste App team has had the support of the Ametller Group, store owner Ametller Origin , to achieve the goal we had set for the micromanagement campaign.

The Ametller Group has made a voluntary contribution to the campaign through the option of company rewards.

With this contribution, the business group has expressed interest in working towards a business model that incorporates waste reduction and focus
zero waste < / span> in your network of shops and restaurants.

Support to the project by committed companies

For our part, the Go Zero Waste App team is committed, as stated in this type of rewards for committed companies, to offer the following services to the company: < / span>


  • Circular Economy and Zero Waste Lifestyle Conference at the company’s headquarters.

  • Circular Diagnosis and advice on waste reduction.

The challenge of zero residue on large surfaces

From the Go Zero Waste App team we want to express the importance of this gesture for a compelling reason.

Although a very important part of our project is aimed at promoting local and local commerce , the reality is that most consumers go to large stores to make your purchases.

It is in the large areas where the real battle against the excess of plastic, packaging and unnecessary waste is waged, as campaigns such as #desnudalafruta denounce.

Therefore, we value very positively that such an important business group in Catalonia and that has been able to develop an attractive business model for the average consumer, is committed to a profound change in its company philosophy and wants to gradually incorporate initiatives aimed at reducing waste .

It is at this scale that you can work with transformative initiatives that have a real impact on our consumption model.

This is a first step to change the consumption model from the producer to the final customer .

On behalf of the Go Zero Waste App team, thanks to the Ametller Group for this support and interest in the project.