🎯 What is the mission of Go Zero Waste?

We are an impact startup that wants to help people, companies and municipalities on their way to zero waste through new technologies, social inclusion and cooperation.

πŸ‘₯ Who is behind?

The team is made up of people committed to a world without waste and we want to do our bit to make our society more sustainable, equitable and social.

πŸ€” Who can appear in the App?

Our goal is to promote any company that offers products or services that help to prevent and reduce waste. It is a collaborative App so all users can suggest new points on the map and then we filter.

πŸ’° How do you make money?

The project could be possible thanks to a crowdfunding that we did in January 2019. Since then we have grown organically thanks to the efforts of the entire team and the support of the community, companies and public entities that have believed in the project. We do not do investment rounds and the company is 100% owned by its co-founders.

In 2020 we launched the second version of the App in which the stores can appear for free but if they want to access a series of extra features they can sign up for Plus.

We have also created a campaign called “Move for zero!” in which we co-create with city councils or companies to propose challenges that help reduce waste.

Finally, we offer workshops, conferences and workshops to promote environmental disclosure and education to those who want to learn about the “zero waste” world and the circular economy.

πŸ”’ What do you do with the data?

We do not sell the data to third parties or do advertising campaigns. We only ask for the name and email to register the user and so you can save your progress in the challenges. Users have control at all times of the data they want to share and can delete it at any time.

πŸ’‘ How was the idea born?

The project was born as a New Year’s resolution that Magda and MartΓ­ proposed to ourselves, the co-founders of the company, in which we wanted to live without generating so much waste. From there we saw that there was no digital tool that could help you solve the typical barriers of “where can I find this product without single-use plastic” or “I want to go on a trip but I would like to stay in hotels and eat in restaurants that have a “zero waste” philosophy.

πŸ”Ž Why is it called Go Zero Waste?

We wanted a name that will symbolize movement, for us zero waste is a path in which you are learning every day and there are always new tricks or ideas to improve.