We started crowdfunding campaign with Ulule!

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Today we start a crowdfunding campaign with Ulule to get the necessary funds for the development of the Go Zero Waste App.

We believe that the App can help many people discover the Zero Waste objective and make it a very powerful tool for

It is a non-profit project. We want to develop the App and the platform as our way of promoting a world without waste by offering a tool that helps solve the problem from the root: the way we buy, what restaurants we go to, what events we go to, a transversal way of living that has take into account the waste generated from each of our actions.

Why a crowdfunding campaign?

  • Unfortunately we do not have the € 10,000 necessary for the development of the App.
  • We are looking for 2,000 people who can support us with € 5 and thus achieve the objective of the campaign.
  • We would love that companies in the sector or that have an ecological conscience see the project as a very good idea and that they sponsor us either materially or economically.

It’s never too late to be part of our team!

We started being 2 people and now we are more than 10. We have received emails, calls and whatsapp from people who have seen the idea and want to participate in it. We love joining forces for the cause, not for profit, just for the mere fact of participating in a project in which you believe and want to collaborate!

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Can you help us get it? Access the campaign here .

Do you want to join the team? Write us at info@gozerowaste.app

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Track for future visitors … we get it ! 😉

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