Why Go Zero Waste App?

por que go zero waste app

Like you, we grew up thinking that recycling we took care of the planet.

But we were becoming aware and, like many, we came to the conclusion that to contribute to a wider change, we had to modify our consumption habits.

Reducing the amount of garbage, plastic and waste that we generate is just one of them and is what is currently called leading a “zero waste” or zero waste life.

The best waste is the one that is not generated

The origin of the idea: find milk without tetrabric in our neighborhood

When you start getting into this world of zero waste, you gradually replace everything you buy with alternatives . Very important: little by little and without being overwhelmed.

This is how we met one day before the challenge of buying something as daily as milk, avoiding the typical plastic containers or tetrabric.

We had to do some research and finally we came up with an alternative in a glass and organic bottle.

This research resulted in part of the idea behind Go Zero Waste App: to facilitate the discovery of alternatives near you.

Think globally, act locally: from the neighborhood to the world

This is how we set out to drastically reduce the waste we generated in our day to day.

The final step was when we set out to make the purchase of the week for the Barcelona neighborhood of Gracia and return home without any plastic. This was the result:

Ejemplo compra a granel y en envases retornables

An imperfect path, are you with us?

Living without consuming plastic or generating waste is not achieved overnight. Still it is easier than you think.

Zero Waste life is a matter of habit : one day you take the cloth bag in your bag, another ask for coffee to be taken in your reusable glass … and so, little by little little, you are changing small gestures that can make a difference globally.

And never think that your gestures are not worth it: every plastic bottle you don’t consume is one less bottle that can stay hundreds of years in nature.

Why do we want to make Go Zero Waste App a reality?

  • Accompany on the road to a life with less waste thanks to tricks, challenges and useful information. How? Through an app on your mobile.
  • Facilitate the location of alternatives to products packaged near you, promoting local commerce and responsible consumption.
  • Connect people and initiatives that work in the same line, from instagrammers to committed companies and administrations.

We need you to make it possible

We have the passion, enthusiasm, desire and talent to do it.

But we need a push to develop the first version of the app, which will be available for free for IOs and Android.

To do this, we have a micromanagement campaign to raise the necessary money.

Can you help us make it possible? If the answer is yes, click here .

Go Zero Waste App Team
Martí, Magda, Teresa, Théo, Adrià and Úrbez

“Never doubt that a small group of thinking and committed citizens can change the world. In fact, they are the only ones who have succeeded.”
Margaret Mead, anthropologist and poet

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