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Zero Waste route through the Gràcia neighborhood with eXplorins

Is it possible to make the purchase without generating waste? The answer is yes and we want you to join us to prove it. Come with us to tour our first Zero Waste Route, in this case, through the Gràcia neighborhood of Barcelona, ​​a joint initiative of GoZeroWasteApp and eXplorins.

We will make a walking route through several bulk stores and “zero waste” in the Gràcia neighborhood while we do an experiment between everyone: try to complete our shopping list without plastic and in bulk!

We will finish the tour in a winery where we will invite you to a beer in bulk with an aperitif while we share the experience.

What is the Zero Waste Route through the Gràcia neighborhood?

A tour of a total of 5 bulk stores and other shops where you can find products without plastic in what we call the “Zero Waste golden square in Gràcia”.
We will share impressions of the places and products that we find.
We will enjoy a free beer with an aperitif at the end of the route
We will make a final balance on the experience and to what extent we can change our consumption habits on a daily basis to generate less waste.

To participate, click on this link and reserve your place.

Important, prepare yourself before coming:

1.- We propose you to bring your shopping list already thought out to make the route more experiential! Can you find everything you need in bulk and zero waste?
2.- Bring reusable bags and tuppers for everything you intend to buy in bulk, the challenge is to make your purchase without generating waste!
3.- Bring your mobile well charged with battery to follow the route and take photos

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Why do we do this Zero Waste Route?

From Go Zero Waste App and eXplorins we want to demonstrate that another type of consumption is possible: proximity and without waste. And not only that, we want to facilitate it.

Our consumption decisions can transform the world from the local level and this route is an example of this.

This activity is organized within the framework of the European Week for Waste Prevention, an initiative that starts from November 16 to 24 whose objective is to promote and implement awareness-raising actions on sustainable resources and waste management for a week. Are you coming?

Sign up here and reserve your place! It is free but there are limited places.

Remember that we are #zerowastemovement! : D

What if I can’t come or I’m in another city?
ruta zero waste barcelona gracia explorins

Nothing happens! If you cannot come that day or the seats are over, you can do the route at your own pace and whenever you want, it is available on the eXplorins website so you can do it with your mobile by clicking here.

And if you want us to prepare a similar route in another neighborhood or city, contact us and maybe we can organize it together. We want to replicate this initiative in other places to facilitate zero waste and local purchases.

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