Zero Waste 365
for business

The complete package to integrate Zero Waste to your strategy – from data collection to employee engagement strategy in your organization

We are in this journey together:

1. Make it measurable
2. Manage strategy
3. Involve everyone

Make it measurable



Data collection to set your company’s waste reduction targets:

  1. Analyzing waste streams
  2. Reporting types and quantities of waste.
  3. Identifying areas of improvement.

🎯 Measuring ant setting targets is the first step
to take action towards Zero Waste

startegy zero waste for business

Manage strategy


We include collected data to overall management strategy and support implementation of waste reduction targets.

🎯 Enable waste tracking and
reduction progress over time. 

Involve everyone



Turn data driven targets into awareness programs for the whole team during a Zero Waste Month.

Tailored workshops and Zero Waste Challenge

🎯 Get everyone in the team involved and aligned 

engage zero waste for business

Frequently asked questions

No. The different services can be provided separately

Our Zero Waste approach focuses on waste reduction and prevention.

Recycling makes part of the Zero Waste philosophy and some of our solutions include it but it is not our main focus.


Zero Waste 365 solutions package

Make it measurable


Starting at:
10€ per SQM


Starting at:
500 €
Involve everyone


Starting at:
50€ per employee

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